Finding the Best Auto Insurance

The Classic, Collectible & Antique Vehicles & Motorcycles Edition

Car lovers in Ohio and Indiana frequently invest a great deal of money and time in classic, collectible, and antique cars and motorcycles, but not all companies are able to provide adequate auto insurance to protect those investments.

What is Classic Car Coverage?

Custom vehicles are not normally daily drivers. They are usually driven on special occasions or events like shows or parades. If you’re using a restored vehicle as a daily driver, your agent will generally recommend other types of coverage. Make sure you carefully explain how and when your classic, collector or antique vehicle will be driven when you’re seeking coverage for a classic vehicle.

Restoration Isn’t Always Easy

One of the issues facing such vehicles is maintaining their authenticity. That means using quality replacement parts when any repairs are required. Serious car enthusiasts are not willing to settle for knock-off parts that don’t properly match the originals. In other cases, the cost of restoring damaged classics is exacerbated because quality parts and matching numbers are crucial at car shows. That means it might be necessary to repair an existing component rather than replacing it to retain the highest value.

Repairing a classic car is difficult at best. It may be hard to obtain the necessary parts. Collectors who have spent a great deal of money completing a frame-up restoration are also hesitant to trust their treasures to most repair shops. Specialized skills are needed to properly repair a damaged classic or collector vehicle. In many cases, custom interiors need to be  repaired. In other situations, custom paint colors must be matched exactly to preserve the value of a vehicle.

An insurance company must be willing and able to provide those levels of service, which is why it pays to discuss potential problems and repair issues with an agent that is accustomed to dealing with collectors vehicles Take the time now to verify your current coverage to ensure it will meet your needs should something happen.

What About Motorcycles?

Classic and specialized show motorcycle owners face somewhat unique needs. Many bikes are created to be entirely unique, with few stock features remaining. In the event a custom bike is damaged, the owner may be forced to accept less-than-ideal repairs unless the proper insurance coverage is obtained. That one-of-a-kind paint job, for example, isn’t something an average shop can repair or duplicate. Will your current insurance policy make it possible to properly restore your custom bike?

Unsure of Your Coverage?

Rather than putting your investment at risk, take the time to contact an insurance professional now for advice. The experts at Taylor & Associates Insurance will gladly discuss your insurance needs and explain the various options available. Remember, even the owners of specialized vehicles need liability, medical expense, and underinsured motorist coverages to be properly protected. It also pays to discuss some type of disablement insurance should your collector vehicle need to be transported. Contact a local agent today.

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