Do Safe Driving Courses Save Drivers Money on Car Insurance?

How Defensive Driving Could Benefit Your Wallet


Ohio requires auto insurance companies to offer different coverage options, many companies are beginning to adopt measures to encourage safe driving. The rationale is that drivers who can prove that they are safer than average behind the wheel are less likely to be involved in accidents and should thus be charged less money for insurance. As with differing state regulations, each insurance company goes about offering safe driving savings in slightly different ways. Some companies in Ohio are now offering discounts to policyholders who choose to take defensive driving courses.

What is Considered Driving Defensively?

Many drivers have likely heard the phrase, at least when they first began to get behind the wheel and learn the ropes. Not all of them know exactly what it means to drive defensively, though. Of course, defensive drivers are utilizing common sense and following all rules of the road and all posted signs, but that’s not all they’re doing differently from the average driver.

Defensive drivers are also paying attention to the speed limit without slowing down to dangerous speeds. They’re tailoring their speed, windshield wiper use, and driving style to the road and avoiding distractions while they drive. These factors all add up to safer driving experience and in some cases, lower insurance rates.

Will Taking Courses Get Drivers Discounts on Insurance?

When it comes to the question of insurance and safe driving, it’s clear that all drivers can save from driving more defensively in the long run, since they really will be less likely to get into accidents. Are the direct discounts offered by companies for completing these programs worth it, though? That question is slightly harder to answer.

The money saved by taking these courses rarely covers the actual cost of taking them voluntarily. However, those who have already received traffic tickets may be able to save more substantially. Drivers who want to save money on their traffic tickets should sign up for and complete these voluntary courses prior to their court dates if they don’t want their insurance premiums to go up.

What Are The Other Benefits?

In some cases, there are more substantial benefits than just savings to taking courses in driving defensively. For instance, those who are facing license suspension or revocation due to numerous traffic offenses may be able to avoid losing their licenses or facing tougher penalties by completing these courses.

Even those who have never gotten so much as a speeding ticket may wind up saving money on their car insurance in Ohio. Driving defensively has been proven to be safer and those who practice it are less likely to get into accidents, to begin with. Even if their insurance companies don’t offer substantial savings to those who complete these courses voluntarily, chances are they’ll be saving money in the future without even realizing it by avoiding accidents that might otherwise raise their rates. Contact your local agent at Taylor Insurance & Associates today for more details.

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