Specialty Insurance Program

Specialty Insurance Program Lewisburg Ohio

Alarm & Fire Protection Installers – Burglar or fire alarm installation, service or repair including access controls and monitoring. Suppression system installation, service or repair including sprinkler fittings and extinguisher service. PROGRAM BROCHURE Eligible Operations:

• Alarm monitoring

• Burglar alarm installation, service, and repair

• Fire alarm installation, service, and repair

• CCTV installation

• Controlled access

• Locksmiths – No more than 25% of total payroll

• Other low-voltage wiring, i.e. entertainment centers, sounds systems, central vacuum systems

Campgrounds – It’s important that your campers enjoy themselves and have a fun and safe stay. Unfortunately, accidents can happen. The insurance company you choose does make a difference.

• Family-oriented campgrounds

• Local or franchise operations

• Religious campgrounds

• RV campgrounds

• Tourist or tent camping

•  Long-term lot leases, seasonal or year-round operations

Childcare – There is nothing more important than taking care of children. That is why this type of coverage can be so difficult to find. 

PROGRAM BROCHURE or Visit our Daycare Insurance page for more information.

Our premier program is designed and specialized for:

• In-home centers (family type);

• Group and commercial centers;

• 24-hour operations – Night-time operations;

• Drop-in centers;

• Head start programs;

• Latchkey operations; and

• Before-and-after-school programs.

Concealed Carry Criminal Defense Bond – We can offer permit holders financial peace of mind with our reimbursement bond coverage for CCW holders.

Features: $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000 coverage options. Applies to acts of self defense. Provides reimbursement of reasonable legal fees, expenses and defense costs.

Driver Training School – For this very unique type of business, we offer coverage specifically designed for your needs.

Professional liability for Educator’s, Abuse coverage and Medical Payments for students.

Fire Protection Services – Protection is your business. You’re always looking for ways to keep people safe. But accidents still happen so it’s important to choose an insurance agency that understands and recognizes your business insurance needs.

Features Include:

– Fire suppression system installers;

– Fire extinguisher service and repair;

– Restaurant fire suppression installation service and repair; and

– Fire equipment dealers (limited products).

Fraternal Organization – 

• Masonic lodges / temples

• Elks lodges

• Knights of Columbus


• Fraternal Order of Eagles

• American Legion

• Loyal Order of Moose

Hunt Club – 

• Hunt clubs, with or without kennel facilities, cooking, or lodging;

• Archery ranges (indoor and outdoor);

• Rifle and pistol ranges (indoor and outdoor);

• Rod and gun clubs;

• Hunting preserves;

• Trap, skeet, and sporting clay courses; and

• Firearms training.

Personal Appearance – For state licensed and certified professionals in the personal appearance business including:

• Cosmetologists;

• Barbers;

• Nail Technicians;

• Estheticians;

• Independent contractors (booth renters);

• Sun tanning salons, including spray-on and air-brush tanning;

• Massage therapists; and

• Cosmetology and beauty schools.

Pest Control – A comprehensive program for pest control professionals to protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

• Treat commercial, industrial, institutional, healthcare, hospitality, recreational, or residential clients;

• Apply chemicals inside structures and their surrounding grounds;

• Provide insect control services for termites, ants, roaches, hibernating insects, bees, wasps, and other bugs;

• Bait, trap, and remove nuisance wildlife, rodents, birds, and other small mammals; and

• Provide pest control inspections and consultations for wood destroying insects (WDI) and other wood destroying organisms (WDO).

Private Investigators (PI) Security Operators –  

• Arson investigators;

• Detective agencies;

• Electronic sweeps;

• Polygraph testing;

• Private process servers;

• Skip tracers;

• Private insurance adjusters;

• Armed guards;

• Employee security and employee surveillance;

• Firms doing security work around manufacturing plants, car dealerships, office buildings, etc.; and

• Security instruction.

Shooting Range – 

• Archery ranges (indoor and outdoor);

• Rifle and pistol ranges (indoor and outdoor);

• Trap, skeet, and sporting clay courses; and

• Firearms training

• Gun Stores, FFL, Firearm Sales

Special Events Program – This program provides Liability coverage for special events conducted by committees, companies, non-profit organizations, and private parties, including festivals, concerts, celebrations, fundraising, and awareness-building activities of short duration. Whether it’s a booth at a trade fair or an entire event, we can provide the right coverage.


• Animal rides     • Anniversary or annual celebration    • Athletic or sports exhibitions    • Auctions – animal, home, farm    • Auto demo derby    • Automobile shows• Bazaars    • Bachelor auction    • Baseball    • Basketball    • Beauty pageants    • Bike – rides / races    • Bingo games    • Blood drives    • Bowling tournaments• Campaign headquarters (personal liability excluded)• Card tournaments    • Carnivals     • Casino nights    • Cheerleader competition    • Christmas caroling      • Circuses    • Clubs – athletic sports    • Concerts – no mosh pits• Concession stands    • Craft shows    • Dance recitals    • Dances    • Demonstrations in stores    • Display booths    • Dog and cat shows    • Dunk tanks    • Easter egg hunts• Exhibition booths    • Exhibitions    • Fairs (small to mid-size)    • Festivals and celebrations    • Golf tournaments / Hole-In-One     • Horse shows    • Kiddie pulls    • Lectures• Markets – farmers or flea    • Meetings    • Model homes    • Model legislatures    • Mud events – motorized /otherwise    • Musical events – no hard rock    • Outings• Parade – participants    • Parade – sponsors    • Petting zoos    • Picnics    • Pig roasts    • Plays    • Punt, pass and kick    • Refreshment stands    • Religious meetings• Reunions    • Rodeos (no participant coverage)    • Runs    • Santa houses    • Sidewalk sales    • Singing Valentines    • Soccer    • Social meals    • Special gatherings• Tagged fish contests    • Tennis    • Theater performances    • Toys for Tots    • Tractor pulls    • Turkey shoots    • Volleyball tournament    • Walk-a-thons    • Weight pulling contests

Sports & Leisure –

 • Amusement centers    • Athletic camps    • Batting cages    • Bowling centers    • Curling clubs    • Golf driving ranges    • Health clubs/circuit training    • Personal trainers• Laser tag    • Leagues and tournaments    • Martial arts studios    • Ropes courses     • Running/biking/swimming races    • Skating rinks (ice and roller)    • YMCAs • Youth recreation activities    • Swim clubs

Tanning Salon – Specialized coverage designed for the unique nature of tanning salon operations.

Tree Care Specialists – 

• Tree trimming    • Tree removal    • Stump grinding    • Arborists/Certified Arborist    

• Landscaping, lawn care, snowplowing, and pesticide/herbicide application when each is less than 50% of operations

Yoga Studio – 

• Abuse and molestation coverage;

• Coverage for childcare, massage, and tanning;

• Professional liability for instructors; and

• Liability regarding injuries to participants