Top 5 Things to Know About Motorcycle Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance In Ohio And Indiana

Motorcycle season in Ohio and Indiana is quickly approaching and if there’s only one thing better than cruising down the road in the glorious weather, it’s knowing that you’re doing so in a responsible manner. Financial responsibility is unquestionably one of the top items to put on your agenda, and motorcycle insurance is an essential feature. Most bikers appreciate that motorcycle insurance is something they should get, but understanding the reasons behind having such insurance is essential. Here are five of the best.

#1. Protection Against Accidents

The harsh reality is that the number of auto accidents per one million motorbike trips is over 5x greater than the figure relating to car rides. Therefore, even if you consider yourself to be a safe biker, you must not ignore the statistics. Motorcycles aren’t cheap, but insurance premiums can be surprisingly affordable. Riding without the right level of insurance puts you at a major risk. Given the other concerns following a crash, worrying about money is the last thing you need.

#2. Protection Against Other Road Users

Even if you are the best motorist on the planet, being in the wrong place at the wrong time could lead to serious damages to not only your bike, but yourself. Sadly, not all road users are careful and many of the reckless drivers fail to have insurance. By ensuring that you have a solid motorcycle insurance plan in place, this needn’t stop you from seeking the financial compensation that you deserve following someone else’s negligent behavior behind the wheel.

#3. Protection Goes Beyond Accidents

Protection against damages during an accident will naturally be the first concern of any Ohio or Indiana motorcyclist. However, the fact that comprehensive motorcycle insurance can cover you against damages caused by vandalism and fires should not be ignored. Likewise, this protects you against theft, which is immensely important given that bikes are at a particularly high risk of being stolen by thieves, especially if you do not store your bike in a garage overnight.

#4. Protection Covers Other Motor Vehicles, Too

While you might not want to admit it, you could be at fault for a crash, at least from a legal standpoint. Losing your bike due to not having insurance is one thing, but having to fork the bill for the damage caused to someone’s $40-50,000 new car would be a nightmare. Policies with liability coverage will seriously support you in these situations. While this isn’t exactly a free pass to damage other vehicles, you will be in a position to use the road with greater confidence.

#5.  Protection That Gives You Peace of Mind

While all of these physical benefits provide huge incentives for choosing to get motorcycle insurance, perhaps the most significant reason is that it puts your mind at ease. Removing the sense of fear keeps your mind clear during rides, allowing you to enjoy the journey. It can also keep you significantly safer on the road. With this in mind, it’s worth getting your insurance premium sorted out at the earliest stage possible. The daily rewards throughout biking season (and beyond) are huge. Take the first steps to insurance security by obtaining a free quote from Taylor & Associates Insurance Agency today.  

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