Auto Insurance in Ohio

Why You Need It And How To Get It

Ohio auto insurance is designed to help protect you if anything happens to your vehicle or while you’re driving. From car accidents to damaged or stolen vehicles, there are many potential issues that could cost you quite a bit of money to deal with on your own. With help from Taylor & Associates Insurance Agency you can choose the best auto insurance to make sure you’re covered against the unexpected.

Family Policy

If you have multiple drivers in your family, a multi-car auto insurance policy may be the best option for you due to the lower costs of combining rates rather than getting individual policies for each driver.  The savings in money, time, and paperwork may be as high as twenty percent off the total premiums paid for having more than one single car policy. There is only one bill to pay, one form to fill out, and one company to contact in the event of an accident. Therefore, it is a wise choice to compare insurance company deals on family car insurance to get the best pricing, coverage amounts, and discounts.

Adding Teen Drivers

We know how scary it is to have a new, teen driver on the road in your family. Having the right auto insurance coverage won’t take the worry away, but it may ease it a bit. Adding a teen driver to the family policy is a great option for some families. Often, the insurance cost will go up by adding a young driver to their policy, but there are also certain discounts that could help to ease the cost. Such discounts include enrolling in a driver’s education course such as Teen Smart offered by Taylor & Associates and Celina Insurance Company and keeping good grades in high school or college.  

Spin-Off Policies

Are you an individual that is looking to get your own car insurance? If you are at the age that you need to get off of your parents’ insurance, a spin-off policy may be the right choice for you. Often, the price of a new policyholder’s insurance can depend on the history of their parents’ driving policy up until this point. This could mean saving quite a bit of money for a driver that is looking to start paying for their insurance on their own. However, there are some specific situations that qualify for a spin-off insurance policy, so be sure to talk them over with your local auto insurance agency first.

Protection Against Damaged or Stolen Vehicle

Whether you are under a family auto insurance policy or a single driver, your car may be hit while it’s parked in a parking lot. It may be stolen and damaged before it is found. It could be stolen and never recovered. The damages, even if it’s hit while parked, could be incredibly expensive to fix. If the vehicle is stolen and is not recovered, it will need to be replaced. Older vehicles can be costly to fix or replace even though they’re less expensive than a newer car. The right auto insurance policy can cover issues such as these and help you restore your vehicle or purchase a replacement.

Protection for Medical Costs After an Accident

Car accidents can lead to serious injuries. If you or a passenger is severely injured in an accident, you could be facing thousands of dollars in medical bills, if not more. Medical bills can add up quickly and can continue to add up if you or a passenger is permanently injured because of the accident. Auto insurance policies are designed to help cover these medical expenses so you don’t need to pay for them out of pocket.

Protection if You Cause an Accident

If you cause an accident, you can be sued for the other person’s medical bills and car repairs. It’s possible you’ll be sued for more than you’re worth, which can mean you’ll end up paying for a mistake for many years. Depending on the severity of the accident, you could be required to pay tens of thousands of dollars to the victim. An auto insurance policy covers you if you cause an accident, paying for these expenses so you don’t need to pay for them out of pocket.

Legal Requirements for Vehicle Insurance

Minimal auto insurance is required in Ohio. Every driver must have at least $25,000 of bodily injury per person to cover those injured in a car accident as well as $50,000 of coverage for bodily injury per accident. Drivers must also have $25,000 in property damage coverage. It is, however, recommended that drivers purchase more than the minimum amount of insurance to make sure that they are covered adequately if an accident happens. Further, you need auto insurance to ensure you’re protected from damages, theft, accidents, and more.

Before you purchase insurance, make sure you will have the right protection so you’re covered for whatever might happen. Remember that your agent has the ability to discuss additional coverage far beyond the scope of damages, theft, multi- or single car policies, and accident protection with you. Your agent can also help you with gap insurance, driving for hire, motorcycle, and other vehicle insurance, so be sure to take the time to speak with an agent at Taylor & Associates Insurance today!

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