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Home-Based Business Insurance

Protection for your Home-Based Business at home, away and on the move.

Taylor & Associates is your local agent for home based business insurance from RLI. We help you meet the many different needs of business owners who operate their business from their home. We offer valuable coverage to a broad range of Home-Based Business categories at affordable rates and policies customized to meet your individual requirements. 

What is home business insurance?

Home based business policies are designed specifically to handle the business insurance needs of a business that is operated from your home by providing coverage for business personal property (equipment, inventory and supplies) and business-related liability exposures. In addition, an in-home business policy can provide coverage for lost income. And, it covers losses or damage from business activities conducted in your home or off-site at another location. That means your business property is protected while you are in transit and provides liability coverage when you are performing business-related activities at a craft show or someone else's residence. Taylor & Associates and RLI's home based business insurance fills the gaps left by most insurance policies. 

Unique coverage for home-based businesses.

The RLI Home Business Insurance policy offered by Taylor & Associates Insurance, is specifically designed for home-based businesses, crafters and hobbyist. While standard homeowner endorsements offer some coverage, many DO NOT cover most business-related losses.

Our Home Business Insurance policies include:

  • Up to $1,000,000 in business general liability coverage, both on and off the residence premises.
  • Up to $100,000 in business personal property (BPP) limits for protection at home and while temporarily off premises.
  • A standard $250 deductible.
  • Up to $5,000 per person for medical payments to customers or vendors injured on your premises.
  • Optional coverage for money and securities.
  • Availability with Taylor & Associates in Ohio & Indiana, and is open to qualified businesses regardless which carrier is providing your homeowner coverage.

Who qualifies for Home Business Insurance with Taylor & Assoc?

  1. Applicant must live in Ohio or Indiana.
  2. Applicant is looking for business personal property insurance and business general liability coverage, NOT homeowners insurance, professional liability insurance or automobile insurance. (Homeowners Insurance is available at Taylor & Associates with several other carriers under a separate policy.)
  3. Applicant business is home-based, not located in a retail store or commercial office space. Note: this does not mean all business activities must be conducted at the home.
  4. The applicant home is the only permanent business location, though it is acceptable to operate from another site, such as a trade show, on a temporary basis.
  5. The type of business is eligible for the RLI Home Business Insurance policy. To determine business eligibility, check our complete listing of qualified businesses.

If all of the basic requirements outlined above are not met, the customer does not qualify for Home Business Insurance policy. If the basic requirements outlined above are met, you may view our rates or apply for coverage.

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