Comprehensive Church Protection


Our full line of coverages and services are specifically designed for the issues churches face, covering standard building and business personal property items as well as property unique to religious organizations. Examples include the minister’s personal property, the personal effects and property of others, such as items lost on a mission trip, outdoor signs, stained glass windows, automated external defibrillators (AED), and more.

The extra property coverage included in the Basic, Broad and Special Policies include:

  • $2,000,000 newly acquired or constructed property (180 days)

  • $25,000 personal effects and property of others on premises (includes minister’s personal property)

    • $2,500 personal effects and property of others off-premises (worldwide)

  • $50,000 valuaEle papers and records, cost oI research (other than electronic data

  • $5,000 electronic data – replace or restore

  • $10,000 leasehold interest and canceled lease moving expenses due to a covered loss

  • Ordinance or Law:

    • $350,000 value of undamaged portions of the building that must be demolished.

    • $350,000 demolition costs and debris removal for undamaged buildings

    • $250,000 increased cost of construction

  • $50,000 appurtenant buildings and property in the open

  • $50,000 property off-premises, including property in-transit (worldwide)

  • $25,000 total for trees, shrubs, plants and lawns; up to $2,500 per item

  • Indirect Loss: $100,000 for any one or combination of the following:

    • Business income including rental value

    • Extra expense

    • Tuition fees

    • Emergency evacuation including civil authority

    • Civil authority

    • Alterations and new buildings

    • Violent incident

Property Coverage Cont.

  • $15,000 outdoor signs

  • $10,000 lock repair or replacement

  • $15,000 information reward: arson, theft and vandalism

  • Sewer, drain or sump backup or overflow

  • Actual cost for fire department service charge

  • $25,000 pollutant cleanup and removal

  • Debris removal included in building limit (25% maximum), $25,000 additional available limit

  • $15,000 radio, television antennas and satellite dishes

  • $10,000 fire extinguisher and automatic fire suppression recharge – blanket insurance

  • $25,000 refrigerated product loss

  • $10,000 earthquake sprinkler leakage

  • $10,000 utility services – direct damage

  • $10,000 utility services – time element

  • $5,000 non-owned detached trailers

  • $15,000 limited property coverage for fungus, wet rot, dry rot and bacteria

  • $10,000 Maintenance Equipment Coverage

  • $5,000 Automated External Defibrillator Coverage

  • $50,000 Accounts Receivable Coverage

  • $10,000 fire and security alarm system upgrade (limited to 25% of loss)

  • $5,000 materials, supplies and fixtures for installation project

  • $5,000 loss data preparation expenses

  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – This provides coverage for direct physical damage resulting from mechanical breakdown, artificially generated electric current, steam explosion, or other loss or damage to steam and water heating equipment. Also included:

    • Expediting expense – $50,000

    • Hazardous substances – $50,000

    • Spoilage – $100,000

    • Data restoration – $50,000

    • Animals – $50,000

    • Service interruption (up to the limit of business income and extra expense coverage)

Other Property Coverage

Crime Coverage – Provides protection for money and security losses resulting from theft, burglary, robbery, employee dishonesty, forgery and alteration.

Computer Fraud Coverage – Covers the loss of money, securities, or property by fraudulent transfer through a computer system or program by non-employees.

Inland Marine Coverage – A broad type of insurance that covers valuable possessions that are considered unique, or may be transported from one place to another.

Green Upgrade Coverage – Pays for the reasonable additional costs to upgrade to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly building elements and appliances in the event of a covered loss.

Key Person Replacement Expenses – Provides reimbursement coverage for various incurred recruitment expenses to replace the senior pastor, executive pastor, or a person holding equal responsibility/authority in the unfortunate event that these key individuals suffer death as the result of a work-related accident.

Limited Flood Coverage – Provides building and personal property coverage when loss or damage is a direct result of flood. Coverage also includes expenses to remove debris oI covered property that has been damaged.



In addition to property coverage, we o΍er your church general liability protection for claims against the legal liability of your organization. This includes: bodily injury or property damage, libel, slander and defamation, spiritual counseling performed by your ministerial staff, employees or volunteers, and covered expenses resulting from a crisis event during a church-sponsored activity.

Liability Coverage Included

  • General Liability Limits:

    • Up to $2,000,000 per occurrence

    • Up to $5,000,000 in aggregate

  • Who Is An Insured – extended to include:

    • Volunteer workers and donated labor

    • Your members

    • Your minister, board or council members, trustees or officials, Sunday school superintendents or teachers

    • Any church organization authorized and controlled by you

    • Your school nurse and student nurses while acting within the scope of their duties

  • Newly-acquired and formed organizations (same or similar business) + Automatic additional insured status for: lessor of land, state or political subdivision, mortgagee, assignee or receiver, and co-owners of premises

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Defense costs – including court costs and attorneys’ fees

  • Incidental host liquor

  • Incidental medical malpractice, including use of defibrillators + Watercraft liability if non-owned, any length

  • Violent Incident Response Coverage (up to $300,000)

  • Legal Expense Reimbursement Coverage (up to $15,000 each occurrence/$45,000 aggregate)

  • Bail bonds (up to $1,000)

  • Loss of earnings while appearing at trial (up to $500 daily)

  • Product recall expenses (up to $25,000)

  • Damage to property of others (up to $1,000)

  • Ministers counseling (spiritual) including: lay employees, volunteers, counselors in training and school counselors while under supervision of your ministry.

Additional Liability Options

Every church faces different issues and challenges. We o΍er a number oI additional liability endorsements so that you can tailor your policy to your specific needs. Many of the coverages we offer can be purchased on an occurrence or claims-made basis. Higher limits are available in our Umbrella Policy for these liability coverage options as well:

Non-Owned and Hired Auto – Provides excess liability and medical coverage should legal liability arise out of the use of a non-owned or hired auto

Employee Benefits – Covers negligent acts, errors or omissions arising out of the administration of employee benefit programs.

Lost Wages Coverage – Provides reimbursement coverage to non-employees for wages lost while away from work if due to bodily injury caused by an accident, covers the lost wages of a family member who misses work to care for the person injured, also covers a family member who misses work for life care of the person injured (arranging for hospice care or organizing funeral arrangements).

Directors And Officer Liability– Provides your individual directors and officers the protection they need from personal liability and financial loss arising out of wrongful acts committed in their capacity as directors and/or officers

Employment Practices – Protects against lawsuits that can arise from allegations of wrongful employment practices made by staff members or prospective employees.

Educators Legal Liability – Provides coverage for certain negligent acts, errors, omissions or breaches of duty arising out of the rendering or failure to render educational services by any insured.

Sexual Misconduct – Protects against legal liability arising from acts of sexual misconduct by a staff member or volunteer. Also, includes additional coverage for medical payments and counseling expenses on a no-fault basis.

Counselors Liability (licensed and fee-based) – Provides additional coverage for damages arising out of fee or non-fee based counseling services performed by your organization as directed by its ministerial staff.



To accommodate the special considerations that arise at every church, we offer competitively priced specialty policies with the highest levels of coverage, designed to complement your insurance plan.

  • Business Automobile Policy

  • International Travel Coverage

  • Umbrella Policy

  • Workers’ Compensation Policy


As a church leader, your priority is your congregation. Every minute you spend on claims is a minute that you’re not with them, so making sure you have a fast, friendly experience with real people — not an automated service — is of utmost importance to us.