What Is Identity Fraud Restoration Coverage?

Identity Theft is running rampant. Cyber related crimes including Identity Theft are increasing 10 fold in the last few years alone and are projected to become even worse. It is important that you consider protecting yourself.

You can protect yourself from Identity Theft in several ways:

1. Being proactive and smart when in the market place whether online or out shopping in a traditional brick and mortar store.
2. Subscribing to a service that will monitor you credit.
3. Freeze your credit with the credit bureau.

No matter what level of protection you choose, I would ask that you consider one more item that may benefit you. Identity Theft Restoration Service as an optional coverage on your Homeowners Insurance policy.

Even when you have done your best to protect yourself you may still find yourself a victim of Identity Theft. If you do become a victim you will be extremely happy to have chosen the optional coverage of Identity Restoration on your homeowners insurance policy.

What does ID Restoration do for me you ask. Well for one it will help you make contact with all the credit agencies and put them on notice that you have been victimized. 

Second, it will help you file claims with the local, state or federal agencies as appropriate. Knowing who to contact and having help doing so will likely be a great relief to you if you suddenly find yourself a victim of ID Theft.

Victims of ID theft have said that getting your financial life back is like having to take on a new part time job. All the while you find yourself unable to function financially as you have become accustomed as your accounts may be in a state of turmoil at the bank and/or other financial institutions. All you want at this point is to have everything returned to normal as soon as possible. 

Identity Fraud Coverage is usually a very affordable optional coverage on your homeowners policy. It is normally offered with a predetermined limit or choice of limits that act as a cap to what benefit your policy will provide. Most coverage will be $5000 or more of benefit and will cost in the neighborhood of $10-25 per year. Be sure you ask what the limit is when you add this coverage to your policy

Not all insurance companies offer the same combination of coverage on their Identity Theft Protection and some companies don't offer the coverage at all.

Want to know if you have coverage on your current policy? For more information about ID Coverage and your homeowners insurance policy, contact us by email or phone at 937-962-2123.

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