Summer Vacation And Time Away From Home

Summer Vacation and time away from home.

As the Independence Day/Fourth of July holiday weekend approaches, many Americans are making plans to be away for several days or take advantage or the long weekend to get a head start on their summer vacation.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics, you’re more likely to be a victim of a burglary during the summer months, and thieves are looking both inside and outside your home. Even if you have a monitored alarm system at your home, you may not be fully protected.

Consider what is outside the home. Some or our most valuable items are not inside protected by the locks and alarms. For instance, Bicycles, ATV/UTVs, Boats, AC system compressors, vehicles or swimming pool filters. Even Mowers and sporting equipment kept in a shed or barn are not as protected as you might think. It is a known fact in the legal profession and by law enforcement officers that a lot of thieves will target items not in the home due to the fact that if they were caught they may not receive as large a penalty as they would have if they broke into the home.

What can be done?

First off, make sure your exterior buildings are secure. Use good looks and see if it is possible to add these buildings to an existing monitored alarm system. You should also consider exterior motion lighting around the perimeter or outbuildings and the dwelling.

Second, talk to neighbors and let them know that you will be gone. Ask them to keep an eye on the place while you are away. Note: Do not tell anyone nonessential that you will be gone. That goes double for Social Media.

Remote cameras. Consider placing cameras on the exterior of your home. The presence of these cameras may deter a thief from causing harm to your property or at least documenting the crime if someone does decide to vandalize or steel from you.

Also consider having a family member or close friend stay at your house while you are gone. A home that has activity is far less likely to be hit by thieves than one that is empty.

Of course, if all else fails you still have your homeowners insurance. Call Taylor & Associates at 937-962-2123 today or contact us by email to do a quick review of your insurance coverage to see if you have any gaps that may need to be addressed.

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