Homeowners Insurance Quote, Things To Consider

When you start looking for a Homeowners Insurance Quote, whether it is online or on the phone, here are a few items to consider when comparing coverage and agents.

Most insurance agents know that price is the biggest factor that motivates a consumer when they are looking for insurance. Don't fall in to this trap! Not all homeowners insurance is the same. Coverage can vary from company to company. Sometimes coverage has been omitted, reduced, eliminated or just not even offered. Make sure you take the time to know what you are getting for your premium dollars.

First, a local agent is likely your best source for home insurance coverage. A local agent is familiar with the area and the types of coverage that are most needed. A local agent is also more accessible and possibly more responsive to your needs being part of the same community. By choosing a local agency you can help yourself at the same time you help keep your local area successful by shopping small with a hometown agent.

Second, coverage is very important, don’t get short changed. A homeowners insurance policy is only as good as what you put in to it. A barebones policy may be better looking when considering the premium alone but when it comes time to use your insurance for a major loss do you want to be covered or not?

a)     Dwelling limit – The first major thing that most insurance consumers look at is the dwelling coverage limit. This simply stated is the maximum amount of coverage on the dwelling. It is important that your policy correctly insure the Replacement amount of your dwelling. The last thing you need after a major fire is to find out you don’t have enough coverage to rebuild or to be subject to a penalty for a partial loss because your dwelling coverage total was not adequate.

b)     Deductible – The second most asked question from the insurance consumer is about deductible. The deductible should be high enough to get the most premium savings possible while still maintaining a limit that will not over exert your budget if a loss occurs. The most common deductible in our agency today is $1000. Different deductibles are available and your agent can help you choose which one is best for you.

c)     Optional Coverage – The biggest thing that most consumers neglect to consider when comparing house insurance is the optional coverage. At Taylor & Associates we believe that a good package of coverage is essential in protecting you and your family. Some of the optional coverages that we use most are Water Backup, Replacement Cost, Identity Theft Restoration Coverage, Earthquake, Equipment Breakdown just to name a few.

Not all companies offer all these options and even less agents include them on the initial quote. Don’t assume that you have the best quote just because you have the lowest premium, be sure that you are getting the right options for your family. For a Homeowners Quote give us a call at 937-962-2123 or click here.

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