Home Safe Home: Prep Your Home Before Your Next Trip

Prep Your Home Before Your Next Trip

Are you looking forward to a summer vacation? Before grabbing your bags and hitting the road, here's a checklist to make sure your home will stay safe and secure until you get back. Your Homeowner Insurance will thank you!

Hold, Please: A pile of mail or newspapers on the front porch is like a sign that says, "We're not home!" Make sure to put your newspapers and mail on hold, or ask a trusted neighbor to gather both for you.

Keep Lawn Trimmed: Likewise, an overgrown lawn could signal to burglars that the home is temporarily empty. Consider scheduling lawn care while you're away.

Keep the Lights On: Another way to deter would-be burglars is to install safety lights outdoors that have a motion sensor. Adding a programmable timer for indoor lights is another good idea.

Eyes on the Ground: Consider webcam options to monitor your home, or ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your place while you're away. Make sure they have your contact information in case something goes wrong, and they need to reach you.

Lock Up: Prior to your trip, check that all locking mechanisms function properly and repair any broken locks. Lock all doors, windows and openings like pet doors before you leave.

Unplug: Unplug energy vampires. Doing this will save energy, prevent fires and also help you relax, knowing you didn't leave something on.

Temperature Control: Close curtains and blinds and adjust your thermostat for the desired temperature for your home while you're away. Enjoy your trip knowing that you've taken steps to keep your home secure until you're back in town!

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