Electronic Signatures At Taylor & Associates Insurance

Taylor & Associates Announces Partnership With InsureSign 
An Insurance Industry Electronic Signature Leader

We have been using InsureSign on a trial basis for a few months during the last half of 2015. We have been emailing forms to our customers to sign on their smartphones, tablets and computers and testing has proven to be very effective and helpful to our business process. Effective the first of 2016 we have committed to a more permanent arrangement with InsureSign in our agency.

In today's fast paced life our agents and customers have found the ease and speed of E-Signatures to be very convenient. Electronic signature programs have been around for a while in the insurance industry and some of our companies even offer the ability to use a version of electronic signature acquisition for the application process. At Taylor & Associates we felt that it would be better for our staff and customers if we had a more uniform process for obtaining e-signatures. That is why we started looking for a company that we could partner with. InsureSign is that company.

Taylor & Associates is currently using InsureSign to obtain E-Signatures on new business applications as well as things like change forms, electronic funds agreements and other such day to day items. We believe that the electronic method of obtaining signatures will be expanding in our office as customers and staff become more familiar with the process. 

We are a relationship based agency. Being a local family owned business we understand the value of the relationship with our customers and will not allow technology to interfere with that. We also understand that some customers are not comfortable with this technology or don't have the devices like tablets or smartphones to take advantage of electronic signatures. We will continue to offer paper forms and have no problem with the "old fashioned, face to face" way of doing business.

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