Driver's Education Can Pay Off

Driver's Education Can Pay Off

Looking for ways to save on your auto insurance? Consider taking a driving course. New drivers can often save on insurance costs by completing a driver's education course. Additionally, more experienced drivers who take an accredited defensive driving class can often reduce the points on their driving records and get an insurance discount.

A safer driver means fewer claims, which is why these discounts may be available. (Confirm that you will get a discount before registering for a driving class; your driving record, how recently you've taken a driving course and other factors can influence your eligibility.)

Wondering what driving behaviors make you a better driver? Here are a few examples:

Avoiding High-Risk Situations -- Learning to identify and avoid potential accident situations, even if that means yielding to the other driver.

Obeying Traffic Laws -- Adhering to the rules of the road and avoiding aggressive or dangerous driving behaviors, like weaving in and out of traffic or drinking and driving.

Adjusting to Road Conditions -- Taking necessary precautions during bouts of bad weather when roads become treacherous.

Following the Posted Speed Limit -- Maintaining a consistent, predictable speed to avoid surprising other drivers and, of course, avoiding moving violations.

Staying Focused on the Road -- Avoiding the most common driver distractions, including texting or talking on a cell phone, eating or drinking, and engaging with passengers.

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