An Ounce Of Prevention

Your homeowners policy is there to provide you the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected against the unexpected. But the unexpected does not extend to bad situations that result when a home is not properly maintained.

In some instances, if you suffer a loss because you failed to properly maintain your property, you may not be covered. For instance, a claim may be denied if damage is due to repeated water leaks (versus being covered if it is the result of a sudden accident like a pipe bursting).

This helpful seasonal checklist can help you keep your home well-maintained throughout the year. Additionally, here are some tips for a quick home inspection.

Maintain Gutters and Downspouts -- Make sure they are clear and working properly so water can move away from your home and not end up causing problems.

Inspect Basement Walls, Windows and Doors -- Check for cracks in basement walls and confirm that caulking around windows and doors is in good shape to avoid damage from seepage.

Protect Against Sewer BackUp -- Confirm that you have sewer backup coverage and consider installing a sump pump and backflow preventer to protect your home when a storm overwhelms municipal infrastructure.

Maintain and Inspect Roof -- Regularly inspect roof, resealing any holes and looking for signs of water damage on ceilings or walls.

Trim or Remove Dead Trees or Branches -- Have your trees inspected by a professional arborist and have dead branches trimmed back and unhealthy trees removed to avoid damage.

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