Is It Comprehensive Or Is It Collision?

Your driving down the interstate and suddenly there is a huge hunk of something metal in your lane. You only have a split second to react, it is either hit that muffler that has fallen from another vehicle or swerve into the next lane and hit the semi truck next to you. You have no choice, you try your best to straddle it but it is just to large... CRUNCH!
Damage to your car is pretty extensive. Your bumper is trashed, your lower grill is broken and fluid is leaking on to the road. Needless to say the vehicle is disabled and will need to be towed.

So you call your insurance agent and he starts asking you several questions. What does it matter you ask? Plenty! The answer to your agent's questions will determine what type of loss this is, comprehensive or collision, and that will determine what your deductible is in the best case and if you have coverage or not in the worst case.

Here is the bottom line. If the object was moving, “a projectile” then it will most likely be considered a comprehensive claim. Most of the time this is a lower out of pocket expense to you due to a lower deductible. In some cases it may mean the difference of having coverage or not as some of us have chosen to forgo the more costly premium associated with Collision coverage.

The difference between Comprehensive and Collision is very extensive. For more information on coverage questions, contact us by email or call us at 937-962-2123.

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