Credit Score/Insurance Score And Insurance

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Your credit WILL have a huge impact on your insurance rates. It is not out of the question that an individual on the lower end of an insurance companies score could pay twice as much or more than someone at the upper end of the scale. Insurance companies have determined that various credit indicators for an individual will help them determine how likely that person is to make a claim. This “insurance score” is not the same thing the bank uses to determine loan eligibility but rather a special model that the insurance company has had developed just for them.

Be not dismayed. Not all insurance carriers use the exact same model, therefore if one insurance company seems to be too high you can shop around a bit and see if there is another company that may score you more favorably. Better yet, have your insurance checked by a local, independent insurance agent. Independent agents represent multiple companies and have access to rates of several carriers to check which is the best in your particular circumstances. This is just one of the many great reasons to use a local, independent agent.

Had major change in your credit standing, you should know that in the future you can ask your carrier to reevaluate your insurance score if you have made significant improvements in your overall credit score. Don’t get in a hurry though, although credit scores can drop like a rock seemingly over night, they take forever and a day to move the other direction. If you have worked hard over time to get your credit back in shape, then by all means ask your agent to have your score with your insurance company reevaluated.

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As always, remember that price is not the only consideration when picking an insurance carrier. Customer service, claim service and most of all coverage should be considered when deciding what company you will trust to protect you and your assets. Consult a local, independent insurance agent and let them know that you are considering more than just the price.

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